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Refresh your GTechniq coated paint!


GTechniq Quick Detailer is an easy-on, easy-off formula that adds slickness, gloss, and durability to any existing paint coating or sealant. Remove fingerprints, water spots, and light dirt and dust from your cars surface quickly and easily. GTechniq Quick Detailer is compatible with all GTechniq finishing products and enhances your paint's appearance after just one wipe.

As much as we'd like to believe one layer of protection is sufficient for months, that's just simply not the case. Even hard-as-nails coatings need a boost every now and then to restore shine and light durability. GTechniq Quick Detailer was formulated to do just that. Attending a car show and notice that someone left behind unsightly fingerprints on your glass? A quick swipe with GTechniq Quick Detailer removes all traces and those fingerprints and restores your perfect finish. 


GTechniq Quick Detailer boosts your finish between washes or right after waxing.



GTechniq Quick Detailer has been specially formulated to work well on any surface - trim, glass, paint, and even plastics. The easy on formula wipes away quickly with a soft microfiber towel and leaves no streaking behind. GTechniq Quick Detailer can be sprayed directly onto the desired surface.GTechniq Quick Detailer can be used after a routine wash to boost your LSP, or every other day to bring back the shine you've become attached to.

500 ml.


GTechniq Quick Detailer 500 ML

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