GTechniq Panel Wipe Coating Prep 250 ml.

Perfect panel preparation ensures maximum product performance!

Before applying any of Gtechniq’s advanced coatings, the surface to be coated must be wiped clean of any residues or substances that could interfere with the coating’s ability to bond to the surface. Compounds and polishes can leave behind their own lubricating oils and fillers, which must be thoroughly removed to ensure a clean bond between the coating and the surface.

Formulated and Approved by Gtechniq
Gtechniq’s Panel Wipe is formulated specifically for removing oils and other residues from surfaces perfectly preparing them for coating application. There are many products that claim to chemically strip surfaces but some of these products may actually leave behind ingredients that can interfere with proper bonding.

Slow Evaporation Rate
The perfect panel wiping solvent will achieve balance between evaporating too fast and evaporating too slowly.

Too fast
If the solution evaporates to quickly there will not be enough time to efficiently dissolve and remove unwanted residues and contaminants off the surface. When evaporation occurs too quickly, it can reduce lubricity and lead to unwanted micro-marring of the surface.


GTechniq Panel Wipe Coating Prep safely removes polishing oils so coatings and sealants can properly bond to the surface. It's as easy as spraying on and buffing off with a microfiber towel.

Too slow
A panel wipe that evaporates too slowly increases the need for more wiping of the surface which can lead to unwanted micro-marring as well as an increase in total project time. Gtechniq Panel Wipe is designed to evaporate at a rate that provides ample working time for a technician to thoroughly wipe a panel clean while still drying fast enough to ensure a clean, dry uncontaminated surface.

Synergistic Chemical Compatibility
If the wrong product is used, all your time, work and investment into the project could be compromised. Take the guesswork out of which product to use and stick with the manufacturer’s recommended product as they know their product best. When using a specific line of products, there is a synergistic chemical compatibility between all of the products. The chemist involved in the creation of a product line design product to work perfectly together in a system approach.

Application Directions

Wear gloves and eye protection and use in a well-ventilated area.

Spray Gtechniq Panel Wipe onto a clean, dry, premium quality microfiber towel. Do not spray directly onto panel to avoid overspray.

Spread Gtechniq Panel Wipe over the section being cleaned.

Immediately remove residue using a second, clean microfiber towel.

Switch towels often to avoid cross contamination.


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