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Gtechniq G6 Perfect Glass 500ML

The Gtechniq G6 Perfect Glass allows you to achieve that streak free finish we all strive for when cleaning our glass surfaces. Contamination naturally accumulates on the interior glass faster than you may think. Dirt and grime can stick to the micropores of your glass and once it bonds to the glass, this contamination can be a pain to remove. With G6, Gtechniq skipped any ingredients that could cause smearing or hazing during the cleaning process (i.e. fragrance, cheap recovered solvents, etc.). The quality cleaning agents will instead, encapsulate nasty dirt and grime buildups and lubricate the surface, allowing you to safely and easily remove contamination. On top of those streak-free cleaning features, G6 also creates a positive charge on the glass, making it antistatic. This helps the product repel dust, keeping your glass cleaning less frequent. If you are looking to clean your glass surfaces, grab a bottle of the Gtechniq G6 Perfect Glass!
  • Strong cleaning function
  • Crystal-clear finish
  • Anti-static effect

G6 Perfect Glass is a pure formula, focused on function. All ingredients that can cause smearing have been discarded, like fragrance and cheap solvents, to produce a high-performance, powerful cleaning product.

  • Shake well before use
  • Use out of direct sunlight
  • Spray directly onto an MF5 Power Glass Cloth and wipe the glass
  • Remove any residue with another MF5 or MF1 ZeroR Microfibre Buff Cloth
  • Store in a cool, dry place
G6 creates a positive charge on the glass helping to repel dust.


Gtechniq - G6 Perfect Glass - Cleans Hard But Does Not Smear 500ML

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