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GTechniq EXO Ultra Durable Hybrid Coating


New & Improved!

  • Same great gloss
  • Slickness
  • Water Beading


The new GTechniq v4 features:

  • Significantly easier application than v3
  • Durability improved by 30% Up to 2 years of protection on daily driven car!
  • Double the UV absorption and dirt repellency of Crystal Lacquer!


EXO is a coating that protects any surface from dirt, sun and moisture permanently. Durability tests prove that after 600 washes, water still beads on surfaces treated with EXO. Hybrid coating technology gives automobiles, aircraft, boats, and RV's unbeatable protection from the elements.


The science behind EXO is amazing! It contains an organic element and an inorganic element, which both have a UV filter. The inorganic element forms a strong chemical bond with the substrate to which EXO is applied. The organic element provides the functional dirt and water repellency that you can see with your own eyes.


More remarkable water beads on EXO-treated surfaces in almost spherical drops. Looking like pearls sitting on your vehicles finish. Water beads roll off leaving a spot-free vehicle. EXO produces a hard-as-nails, glass-like shine on all colors.


When you use EXO durability is measured in years, not weeks. EXO remains hydrophobic after years of regular washing and 2 years of sun exposure.


EXO isn't all about protection. It also gives surfaces a high gloss and a slick feel like the best car wax. The best part is that the EXO finish will remain slick and shiny for much longer than any traditional wax or paint sealant. Enjoy years of surface protection with just one application!



EXO needs to be applied to surfaces that are free of contaminants and defects. Clay vehicle to remove surface contaminants. If needed machine polish to remove swirls, scratches, water spots, and anything that hinders the shine.

After polishing and defects are removed, chemically strip the paint using GTechniq Panel Wipe. This will remove any polishing oils so EXO can bond to the surface.


Working on one panel at a time, apply EXO directly onto a clean microfiber towel. From testing we’ve found a towel with a flat weave or short nap to work best.


Evenly distribute product using minimal pressure. Go over each section 2-3 times to ensure even coverage.


Immediately buff off residue using a clean, dry microfiber towel. It is important to immediately buff the area that EXO was applied to.


Apply a second coat of EXO twenty minutes after first coat ensuring complete coverage. Avoid getting vehicle wet for 48 hours.


Maintain and protection using GTechniq W1 G-Wash and C1.5 Silo Seal.

GTechniq EXOv4 Ultra Durable Hydrophobic Ceramic Coating 30ML and 50ML

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