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7.5 Inch Black Foam Finishing Pad with 6 Inch Velcro Back

Honeycomb design ensures application efficiency of compound and polish.

Buff and Shine 7.5" Center Ring Black Buffing Pad #620RH

SKU: 620RH
  • 7.5 Inch Black Foam Finishing Pad
  • 6 Inch Velcro Back
  • Reticulated Polyester Foam
  • Soft, Pliable and Tough.
  • Specially designed for finishing 
  • Eliminates swirl marks
  • Prevents paint burning or graying.
  • Honeycomb Design minimzies grabbing
  • Dissipates heat thus protecting your clearcoat and paint. 
  • Loop Backing speedily attaches to 6" Professional Velcro Backing Plate #658Y (sold separately).
  • Made in the USA
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