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Vitreo Polymeric Shield

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Vitreo is a slick, durable, polymeric, easy on, easy off polish and sealant. Vitreo combines the latest in polymer technology to bring you the most advanced surface coating on the market today. Vitreo vitrifies painted and non-painted surfaces protecting them from the damaging UV rays of the sun, acid rain and other air and water borne contaminants. Vitreo’s cleaning action and vitrification process is safe when used on today’s clear coats, fiberglass, chrome, polished aluminum, decals stripes, exterior black vinyl parts, mirrors, ground effects and much more. Vitreo will not stain rubber, vinyl bumpers or moldings. Use Vitreo on autos, trucks, boats, RV’s and aircraft to achieve a maximum 1 year protection.

  • Body Shop Approved
  • Deep Cleaning Action
  • Swirl Free Brilliance
  • 1 Year Durability
  • Clear Coat safe
  • Easy To Use

Before beginning application ensure painted surfaces are clean, cool and dry. Shake product well before using. Apply a moderate amount of Vitreo to a clean terry cloth towel, wax applicator pad, orbital bonnet or a foam-buffing pad. Cover the area to be vetrified evenly with a smooth, front to back motion. When applying with a foam pad do not exceed 1000 rpm. Allow to dry then polish to a crystalline shine with a clean terry cloth towel. Remember Vitreo has been designed for ease of application and efficiency. Vitreo cures from the outside in 3 hours to the touch and allow 24 hours for full cure. Do not wash the vitrified surface within 24 hours. Additional coats of Vitreo achieve greater protection and a higher shine.

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